In front of Jordi Jubany’s pictorial work, the oratory becomes unnecessary, due to the fact that trying to express by words what has been painted with the brush, would be arrogantly narcissist, rather than recognising the mastery of the painter. Precisely, we can prove how the work of Jordi Jubany, inspired in homely and protective cities like Florence, Roma, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and our beloved Girona, transmits us the essence and soul of such cities, ordering in the best way possible, thoughts, shapes and colours.

    I have enjoyed contemplating and imagining Jubany’s work, a young painter full of talent, illusion and future, thanks to its creation, profession and magic, that shares through his paintings. I say “his paintings”, but I’d better say “already our paintings” I desire you enjoy admiring the painter’s work, which will for sure help us trusting on his future.

    I wish that the Right to Culture and the Right to enjoy arts – like painting – was more expanded amongst the citizenship. Please allow me end up by giving an advice to Jordi, with words from the wise Seneca: Jordi, go further in your way full of illusion and confidence, and position yourself over the praises and critics. Put in the same pack both the compliments and the critics. Go on with humility and dedication. I think that you present is already outlining a splendid future.

Ramon Llorente Varela
Girona’s Ombudsman

It is a pleasure to write the prologue of an exhibition’s book of a young artist like Jordi Jubany, as for what this represents ofcourage, drive, initiative and enthusiasm. 

An artist who wants to stand by his spontaneity and, he says, seeks to provide a real work, related to life. The paintings that make up his work are a clear example, from images of Girona, Llançà and Cadaqués to Florence and Venice. But Jordi Jubany’s merit is that despite his artistic youth and the fact that he considers himself an autodidact who does not believe in the great masters, is clear about what he want and keeps progressing with no fears. And he has whole career ahead to achieve his goal.

Artists like him are necessary for the construction of a country like ours. Therefore, the administration should encourage society to the culture and to support exhibitions like this that are the key to strengthen our cultural reality and place our cultural model as a reference. Jordi Jubany contributes through his creative activity. An activity which can always act as a stimulus for other artists from our country. 

Culture and art are public goods that have a strong social value for the function of cohesion on society. For that reason, the public authorities must ensure not only the cultural events of the past but also the new artistic creativity as presented to us today.

Eudald Casadesús i Barceló
Delegate of the Generalitat Goverment in Girona