Jordi Jubany

Being a young painter, with a constructive and,
at the same time, colourful push, Jordi Jubany (Mataró, 1970) is an emergent talent in the new Catalan figurative art. When he was still a child, he received (1978) his first notions in artistic painting under the guidance of Albert Alís; later on (1985-1987) he studied in the Visual Arts School of Vilassar de Mar, and then (1990-1994) he returned under the guidance of Mr. Alís, for the purpose of entering profitably into the intense exercise of oil painting. It was with this maister, who was formed with teachers such as Pau Mañé and Raül Capitani (preferably oil and engraving) as well as Josep Martínez Lozano (important watercolour artist, and an excellent painter), when he started to reveal his creative skills. Later (1999) he attended a course in the Escola Massana, where he came into contact with the stone, wood and iron, insisting with his volumetric gift, which he already had from the very beginning. Then, he took part indifferent contests, in which he always got selected, and won some few prizes (not much, but relevant for his early age). What results really interesting is that he advances steadily and paints full of consciousness, completely sure of the fact that with the representations of the things he sees, he gets to capture a real sense of humanity. Jordi Jubany makes a call that leads to the future which, either way, must arrive, and has to find us with sufficient background (both spiritual and moral, as well as artistic) in order to be able to assimilate the changes. Those changes will be mainly spiritual, rather than environmental; and, moreover, we will need to have clear consciousness of who we are, so that the winds (perhaps full) of the beneficial rinse that glimpses, don’t take the essences of what’s fundamental. And this will be achieved by those who love art and feel it as an example of virtuous life, with artworks that come both from passed times and current, like Jordi Jubany’s ones. Let’s observe them attentively, and we will notice what they show us and how they make us company.

Josep M. Cadena

Journalist & Art Critic